Updated September 18, 2023

How long a heating or cooling system can go on before breaking down for good is a hard question to answer. While HVAC manufacturers can give you broad estimates as to the life expectancy of their products, you have to consider variables like how well-maintained it is and how frequently you run it throughout the year. Learn the expected life span of an HVAC system from Titan Heating & Air, a trusted heating company in Lexington, KY.

Level and Quality of HVAC Maintenance

Let’s start with maintenance because it influences life expectancy the most. Over time, even a brand-new HVAC system develops issues, which can put wear and tear on your system before you notice anything wrong. For example, dirty filters and coils in a heat pump prevent heat transfer to or from your home, forcing the system to overexert itself to reach your set point. This shortens its life span.

Maintenance can eliminate these issues before they cause too much damage. Usually, you request your cooling tune-up in spring and your heating tune-up in autumn before the temperatures rise or fall. Make sure you’re doing it by a professional for the best results.

Climate and the Frequency of Operation

If it’s continually hot or cold in your region, you’ll unwittingly shorten your system’s life span simply because you run it constantly. Besides that, in dry climates, dust can accumulate more quickly in the HVAC system, which hinders performance and puts premature wear and tear on it.

Brand and Quality of the Installation

Some brands are more reputable than others, and their products will be more or less durable. The way in which your HVAC technician installs the system can play a big role, too. Shoddy workmanship can lead, for example, to poor sealing in the ducts, which lets air escape and forces the HVAC system to run longer.

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