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"Jeff is very knowledgeable and professional. Jeff didn’t cut corners and preformed every part of installation process professionally. I highly recommend Titan Heating and Air."

- Keith M. Google Icon

"I cannot say enough positive things about Jeff the owner, his employees, and this organization. I have a historic home with heat pumps for different floors. The upstairs reversing valve and then compressor were shot on the old unit. Spending money stinks and Jeff came up with cost effective alternatives to full replacement. In the end we decided to have them install a new system and his pricing was very competitive. What sealed the deal was the quality work, professionalism, and friendliness everyone involved exhibited. I'll be a lifelong customer after this experience and am very impressed by them."

- Greg C. Google Icon

"Awesome service I had to have the entire heat kit replaced. Tech was super professional and did what it took to get us running."

- William B. Google Icon

"We Had to replace our outside and inside units. Jeff and his guys were awesome. They came the day I called about our problem and we’re able to diagnosis quickly. On the day of the job, everyone arrived on time and began their work immediately. They were very professional the whole day they worked at our house. They explained what I needed to know about my new system, kept their work spaces and my house clean, and made sure I had no questions about anything before they left. I would highly recommend you giving them a call for any type of HVAC service you might need. We were 110% satisfied."

- Chris W. Google Icon

"Eric was our technician and was on time and prompt. Completed the work in a quick and efficient manner!"

- Benjamin C. Google Icon

"Very happy with my AC replacement."

- Eli G. Facebook Icon

"I am incredibly impressed with the professionalism and fair dealing with Jeff and his employees. I have a historic home with multiple units. Our upstairs unit reversing valve went, taking the compressor along with it over time. Jeff came up with a cost effective proposal to repair the old system. In the end we decided to replace the unit entirely and he was very competitive. Most importantly, he was straight up, honest, professional, and so were his two employees. They arrived at 8:00 a.m. and had the unit running by 4:30. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them on a handshake. As a consumer it's sometimes hard to tell when you're dealing with good people. I'm happy there are folks like this out there."

- Greg C. Facebook Icon

"Good job, very happy, do recommend!"

- Joe G. Google Icon