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    Ductless Air Conditioning in Georgetown, KYIf you have noticed that your ductwork can no longer meets your household comfort needs or are searching for an alternative to duct-related cooling options, you may consider installing a ductless air conditioning system in your Georgetown, KY home. Also known as a ductless mini-split, this type of cooling system doesn’t need to use air ducts to bring comfort and convenience to your home. Instead, your home gets divided into separate sections, each equipped with its unit. Each unit has a separate control system and thermostat, allowing you to switch it on and off independently. If your home doesn’t have the attic or crawlspace to support a duct system, a mini-split cooling system could be what you need. At Titan Heating & Air, we have adequately trained and highly experienced cooling specialists waiting to install one for you.

    Ductless Mini-Split in Georgetown

    A ductless air conditioning system costs more to install than a traditional air conditioner, but you can largely benefit from this inclusion. The distinct units mean you can turn off the cooling system in parts of your home that don’t see constant use, saving you vast sums of money in monthly energy bills, especially if you have a large house. In addition, the distinct units allow you to tailor the temperature to suit your loved ones. For example, if you’re working on your computer in the living area with the temperature set at 73 degrees, your spouse can cook over a hot oven in the kitchen with the temperature set at 70 degrees. The zoning power of a ductless mini-split system provides more comfort while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

    If you already have a mini-split air conditioner and need some help, we’ve got you covered. We’re well-versed with ductless systems of all types and sizes, and no issue is too complex for us to resolve.

    If you’re wondering how you can tell whether your ductless air conditioning system needs servicing, here are the common signs of a ductless system malfunction.
    • Unresponsive controls
    • Grinding sounds
    • Filthy odors
    • Reduced cooling output
    • Ice on cooling elements
    Ductless Air Conditioning in Georgetown

    Professional Mini-Split System Services

    Professional Mini-Split System ServicesAt Titan Heating & Air, we take pride in having a highly qualified team of technicians who give each job in Georgetown their undivided attention. We know the inconveniences and stress a broken cooling system can cause; that’s why we provide 24-hour availability for issues that need immediate attention. With 20+ years of experience, we go the extra mile to meet and surpass your expectations. We aim to offer you top-tier home comfort services and guarantee your satisfaction 100%. We’re based out of an office on Gilbert Avenue, ready to work on ductless air conditioners of all makes and models.

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    To discover more about our ductless mini-split services or set up an appointment, call Titan Heating & Air today. We also provide heating services and cooling services.