Ductless Air Conditioning in Lexington, KYNo matter what size floor plan you have in Lexington, KY, Titan Heating & Air can handle your ductless air conditioning installation. When temperatures get too hot, traditional air conditioning systems may slow down, causing indoor air to be uncomfortable. Adding a mini-split unit in rooms that get a lot of sun can help cool you down fast. Ductless systems are designed to boost cold air in specific areas. The rooms you spend the most time in during the summer are prime candidates for this type of AC equipment.

    If you’re looking for an energy-saving way to experience cold air in your home, mini-splits are a great solution. These units don’t require ductwork, and each one operates independently of the others. Ductless AC is the perfect option for hot, humid days. Our company can assist you in selecting the right unit, and we can get it installed for you.

    Ductless Air Conditioning in Lexington

    Whether it’s one or multiple mini-splits, our team is always prepared to help you with a timely install. We provide our customers with professional workmanship and can recommend the right product for your home. You can expect a complete installation from us, and we also repair and maintain all makes and models. Our team takes care of upgrading existing mini-splits, too. Each job we work on is handled with care by experienced, qualified technicians.

    There’s great value for homeowners who install ductless units to manage their indoor air.
    • Customized cooling control
    • Energy-efficient air delivery
    • Flexible placement
    • Quiet operation
    • Savings on annual utility costs
    Ductless Air Conditioning in Lexington

    Every unit we install will be tied to an outside unit that powers the cooling process. A ductless air conditioner is usually placed on or near exterior walls to establish an easy connection. We can install single units or add multiple units throughout the home.

    Outstanding Mini-Split AC Service Team

    BBBTitan Heating & Air is a family-owned and -operated heating and cooling service company. We’re proud of our A+ rating and accredited status with the local BBB. Our company is deeply involved in the local community, and we hold memberships in multiple chambers of commerce. Our customers enjoy fast, accurate, and reliable outcomes on every service we offer. You’ll appreciate our flat-rate pricing. Plus, we offer options whenever possible before beginning any project. Let us know if you want information about our current discounts.

    We service homes from Kentucky Horse Park to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary and either side of interstates 64 and 75.

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    Enhance your Lexington home by adding ductless AC installed by the experts from Titan Heating & Air. Call us today to schedule an in-person estimate for your project. We also provide heating services and cooling services.