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August 15

Why Air Conditioners Make Bubbling Noises

Is your air conditioner producing a strange bubbling sound? Air conditioners are complex systems, and unusual sounds often indicate a potential issue. Taking a proactive… View Article Read More

air conditioner in lexington, ky
July 11

Common AC Odors and Their Possible Causes

Certain smells can indicate issues within your air conditioning system. Identifying the specific smell and understanding its potential cause is crucial for determining the appropriate… View Article Read More

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June 15

What Are Air Conditioning SEER Ratings and What Do They Mean?

Air conditioning systems are often a crucial component in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. One vital aspect to consider when purchasing an AC unit is… View Article Read More

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March 29

Spring Maintenance for Your Mini-Split System

Ductless mini-split systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their energy efficiency and flexibility of installation. These systems are comprised of an… View Article Read More

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September 19

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your AC Window Units to Central Air Conditioning

The summertime heat in Kentucky can be muggy and unbearably hot. You want your home to be a refuge from uncomfortable outdoor temperatures. However, it… View Article Read More

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August 10

3 Reasons Your AC Is Squeaking

Air conditioners make some noise when they turn on, but the sound shouldn’t cause you to cover your ears or make you cringe. If your… View Article Read More

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July 16

How to Handle a Frozen AC Unit

It’s ironic for your outdoor AC system to have a chunk of ice during summer. Freezing up of the AC unit is common. However, once… View Article Read More

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June 15

What’s the Life Span of an HVAC System?

Updated September 18, 2023 How long a heating or cooling system can go on before breaking down for good is a hard question to answer…. View Article Read More

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May 20

Will I Save Money by Closing Air Vents?

Trying to keep your home comfortable during the summer can be expensive. Running your air conditioner skyrockets your monthly bills, especially when you’re pumping cool… View Article Read More

April 18

3 Ways You Can Save Energy With a Smart Thermostat

These days, we have so much amazing technology at our fingertips, and smart thermostats are a great example of how that technology can improve our… View Article Read More