Air conditioners make some noise when they turn on, but the sound shouldn’t cause you to cover your ears or make you cringe. If your air conditioner is squeaking in your Georgetown home, don’t fret. The cause is probably one of the following three things.

1. The Blower’s Belt Needs to Be Replaced

Newer systems no longer use a belt system, but if you have an older AC unit, you could experience this issue. Belt-driven units can start to squeak when their belts slip or become worn from years of usage. If this is the problem, you’ll likely notice the squeaking coming from your home’s vents and the outside. Fortunately, fixing the problem and eliminating the annoying sound is as simple as replacing the belt.

2. Condenser Fan’s Bearings Need to Be Replaced

If you have a newer central HVAC system, it’s likely not driven by belts. Instead, it uses a direct-drive motor with a fan to move air across the condenser coils inside the outdoor compressor unit. When you hear squeaking from a direct-drive motor unit, it is likely worn fan bearings. Make it a point to get these bearings replaced by HVAC professionals to prevent further damage to the compressor.

3. The Air Conditioner Is Working Too Hard

Sometimes, air conditioners squeak when they’re overworked. Dirty air filters, clogged ducts, and thermostat issues can cause the system to work harder than usual. However, one of the most common reasons for an overworked system is high humidity levels inside the home. The unit might be having difficulty keeping up with decreasing the humidity levels. A solution for this might be to install a whole-house humidifier, which attaches to the AC unit.

Reliable AC Service in Georgetown, KY That Stops Squeaking

When you need help figuring out what is making your AC squeak, contact the experts at Titan Heating & Air. Our experts are skilled and have the right tools to get your AC running optimally. You can also schedule air conditioning repair, heating service, or learn more about our indoor air quality service.

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