Air conditioners are notorious for making your summer electric bills higher. However, there are ways to make better use of your AC and keep your bills low. Follow these tips to keep cool and help your air conditioner run more efficiently.

Keep Blinds Closed During the Hottest Part of the Day

A trick for keeping heat out of your home without turning up the AC is to close the blinds on the side of the house that gets the afternoon sun. Heat transfers into your residence through window glass, but if you use blackout curtains, closing the blinds will reflect the heat.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Using a ceiling fan with your air conditioner helps circulate the air better. Overall, this will cool the room more effectively.

Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Many people lower the thermostat to 65 degrees to cool off the house quickly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well, and it will raise your electric bills. If you keep the thermostat set to 78 degrees consistently, it will keep your home cool without raising your bill.

Turn the Thermostat Up When You Leave the House

Many people mistakenly turn their AC off when they leave the house for a few hours. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t do this. One reason is that the heat and humidity increase and can cause mold to settle in. Another reason is it makes the system work a lot harder to cool the home, increasing your utility bill. A better alternative is to raise the temperature on the thermostat by a few degrees. It will keep the temperature from becoming too hot inside, and it will lessen the load on the AC. You could use a smart thermostat to program these changes.

Get Your AC Serviced

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help your air conditioner run optimally. Replacing belts and air filters can reduce wear and tear on the equipment and keep the cool air flowing. For any heating or cooling installation, maintenance or repair, contact Titan Heating & Air in Georgetown today. We offer a complete line of services, and we’ll help you stay cool this summer.

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