It’s ironic for your outdoor AC system to have a chunk of ice during summer. Freezing up of the AC unit is common. However, once you notice this, know that the cooling system has an issue, and you need to take prompt action to prevent further damage. As you wait for our experts at Titan Heating & Air to come and help you defrost your AC, take the following steps.

Thaw Your AC

Many people may think that unfreezing an AC is a simple task. Unfortunately, the defrosting process can take one to 24 hours, depending on the extent of ice formation. Once this happens to your AC, go to the electrical breaker, and switch off the power to keep your system from trying to operate.

If your frozen AC coils continue to run, they will strain the compressor, leading to its failure. The compressor is the most expensive AC component, and if it breaks down, you’ll be making an expensive repair. Additionally, don’t break the ice using a sharp or heavy object because you may damage other AC components.

Dry AC Coils

Once you are sure that the ice has completely thawed, dry the coils using paper towels or allow them to dry under direct sunlight. After that, restore the power. The blowers will circulate the air around the AC, ensuring the coils are dried. Once the coils are completely dried, your system will start operating normally.

Find Out the Cause

Your AC unit may freeze due to dirty filters, incorrect fan and thermostat settings, low refrigerant levels, clogged drain, a faulty fan motor, or vent blockage, among other causes. Once you find out why your AC is freezing, call our technicians to come and correct the problem.

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