Determining the type of air filter to install in your home is not always easy. There are hundreds of different brands, sizes and ratings that are found on the market. All homes have varying levels of air pollution that require different filters. At Titan Heating & Air, our A/C experts know the right type to choose to maintain your home’s cleanliness.


The size of your air filter is the most important factor to consider. It is measured in length, width and depth dimensions that are printed on the frame. A filter that is too small will not capture all of the dirt and dust particles. A filter that is too large will not fit into the compartment at all and will not work as efficiently as it should.


Take the old filter that you have and look for the brand name. Look specifically for a part number or SKU that you need to type into a product search inventory. Without a brand name or SKU, it is difficult to locate the right filter size and quality.

MERV Rating

The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating is the measured level of efficiency at filtering particles from indoor air. A higher rating indicates an increase in the quantities of particles that are removed from a home.

New vs. Disposable

Some air filters are washable without needing to be replaced. A low MERV rating and a strong material are two signs that a filter is washable. However, you should never guess if your filter is washable and should research the product further for more information.

Let Titan Heating & Air Be Your Go-To Business

It’s fairly easy to find the right air filter to use in your home. The main problem is that very few people bother to replace or check their filters regularly. This lack of maintenance makes it difficult for any homeowner to know when the filter needs cleaning. Contact Titan Heating & Air when you need to maintain your air conditioner and replace an old filter for a home in Georgetown, KY. We also offer heating and cooling repair, maintenance and installation services.

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