Most of the time in Georgetown, your furnace or heat pump operates without much interaction on your part. If your furnace stops producing heat, though, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to see if you need to call Titan Heating & Air. One very effective method to help you determine the severity of your problem is to perform a reset on your furnace or heat pump. The best part is that this procedure is fairly quick and straightforward, especially if you have a newer furnace.

Protect Yourself

To protect yourself and others while resetting your furnace, Titan Heating & Air recommends that you turn your thermostat to its lowest setting. Unless your home is exceptionally cold, taking this action will greatly reduce the risk that the furnace or heat pump will activate while you’re working on it. This helps lower the chance of burns or electric shocks and helps protect the equipment.

Reset the Breaker

In many cases, a simple reset of the breaker that controls your furnace or heat pump will get it working again. Carefully locate the breakers on your service panel that control the flow of electricity for your furnace. Different furnaces will have different numbers of breakers controlling them. Flip these breakers to their “off” position to interrupt the flow of electricity. If possible, test your furnace with a voltage tester to ensure the power is truly off.

Wait and Restart

For most furnaces, Titan Heating & Air recommends waiting at least 10 minutes before you turn the power back on. This will give enough time for the system controllers to reset so that you can get a good idea of whether you have fixed the problem or not. If you have a furnace with an extinguished pilot light, you’ll need to re-light the pilot light as part of the reset procedures. After this process is complete, try your furnace again to see if it operates normally.

Call the Pros

If you’re still suffering from a cold house, the pros at Titan Heating & Air are here to help. We can take care of heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and installation services. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping customers around the Georgetown, KY, area with our exceptional customer service. You can take a look at our five-star customer reviews to see just how far we’ll go to make sure our customers are happy. To learn more about taking care of your furnace, contact us at Titan Heating & Air today.

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