Many homes are set up with a furnace and an air conditioner. Other homeowners use a heat pump instead. This innovative approach to heating and cooling could be the right fit for your property. Learn about the benefits of a heat pump in Georgetown, and consider whether you’re ready to install this type of system in your home.

Provides Both Heating and Cooling

A heat pump can do both, while a furnace only warms your home and an air conditioner cools it. A heat pump moves warmth from one place to another. When the temperature in your living space creeps higher and higher, the heat pump will draw out the warmth and transfer it outside. The opposite happens in winter. The heat pump will move warmth into your home. Many homeowners like that this one appliance can do both jobs, especially in moderate climates.

Runs on Electricity

Furnaces often burn fossil fuels. That contributes to carbon emissions. Heat pumps, on the other hand, use electricity for operation. They’re quite efficient too. Some environmental groups suggest that heat pumps are between three and five times more efficient than their traditional counterparts such as furnaces and boilers. Yes, a heat pump may have a higher up-front cost than a traditional furnace, but its energy-efficient operation can help you recoup your investment.

Offers Versatility

You can heat and cool your whole home with a heat pump. A ducted system may hook up to the ductwork you already have for air distribution throughout your house. You can also use a heat pump for just one or two rooms. If you’re installing a garage apartment or putting a sunroom on your home, a heat pump could be exactly what you need for comfort in your new space without the bother of extending ductwork there.

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