Rust is the outcome of the oxidation process that occurs when oxygen, metal, and water react. It is essential to seek help from a professional if you note any rust on your furnace to avoid more severe problems. The following are common causes of rust on a furnace.

Humidity and Moisture

Although a furnace may not need water for heat generation, water can still come in contact with the system through the return air ducts. Water moisture in the ventilation unit may penetrate the furnace, causing a reaction that results in rust. This occurs after rain or during humid weather. Unfortunately, the reaction can worsen if the ducts contain breaks that drag in moist air from other areas of the premises.

Combustion Gas Reaction

The combustion gas found in the heat exchanger of a gas furnace changes to a liquid vapor after cooling down during a heat cycle. If the metal reacts with this vapor, rust may occur. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent this by ventilating the exhaust appropriately. Moreover, rust is usually an indicator of ventilation issues on a furnace.

An extended period of combustion gas exposure usually causes the furnace to rust. Therefore, you should consider replacing your unit if it has been running for more than two years.

Leaking Air Conditioner

Most homeowners usually place the air conditioner on top of the furnace. This enables the two systems to share the blower. Air conditioners generate water condensation, and this condensation drains away from the condensate pan. If the drain experiences any clogging, the pan overflows, forcing water to dribble onto the furnace. This may cause rust on the furnace. When this occurs, you may have to repair both the air conditioner and the furnace.

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